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"Only politicians could politicize the recovery from the greatest natural disaster in the history of the United States. Nothing is getting done because people are trying to either assess blame or find political gain."
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Tidmore Endorsed by Gambit Weekly

Gambit Weekly wrote in their endorsement of Chris, "Journalist Christopher Tidmore may be best known as the man who first exposed U.S. Senator David Vitter's hypocrisy on "family values" issues, but he is even more impressive as an intelligent conservative who also understands the potential for government to make people's lives better. He is a co-founder of the "Broadway South" concept, which became law earlier this year."

Christopher had this to say, "I am honored to have Gambit Weekly's endorsement. They have always stood up for independance, as I have. I also want to credit the many people who deserve true credit for the passage of Broadway South, from Roger Wilson to Bill Hines to the talented team of lobbyists and advocates that made those historic tax incentives law. Most importantly, Roger. He deserves real recognition as the 'founder' of Broadway South' I merely helped him at the beginning put the idea on paper and was his biggest cheerleader as he campaigned for the tax credits across Louisiana."

Posted by ctidmore at October 17, 2007 12:12 PM

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Tidmore Endorsed by Gambit Weekly
Tidmore Endorsed by Louisiana Weekly Newspaper, Firefighters, Teachers, PANO Presidents
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