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Press Release: Broadway South Passes State Senate

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The Louisiana State Senate overwhelmingly passed the incentive tax credits that make up the Broadway South legislation Wednesday afternoon.

Without amendment, the production and incentive credits were approved by a majority of 31 to 5. Twelve Senators asked to join the co-sponsors of the legislation just prior to passage.

Broadway South President Roger Wilson said, "This is great day. Louisiana is on the path to becoming a magnate for theater, music, and arts. The production credits will make Canal Street in New Orleans gleam once more with the finest theater and performances in America, and the incentives will keep our finest cultural minds in Louisiana."

"Not only will New Orleans benefit,” Mr. Wilson continued, "but cities across Louisiana will be able to use the incentives to draw live, legitimate performance from music to opera to ballet to cabaret to their main streets. That’s why the City Councils of cities as different as Shreveport and Lafayette have unanimously endorsed Broadway South."

One of the early voices pushing Broadway South, Christopher Tidmore, currently a candidate for the District 82 State Representative seat vacated by the term limited Steve Scalise, called the Senatorial majority "historic".

"The Senate has received the message that not only will New Orleans benefit from Broadway South, but the entire state will," Mr. Tidmore continued, "Just as Branson, MS, went from a wide spot in the road crossing the Ozarks into a major entertainment destination, many small towns in Louisiana will have the same opportunities when these incentives are enacted by the House."

Now, the legislation moves to the House of Representatives. It enjoys extensive support, but like any tax credit this year, Mr. Wilson said that it needs as much public support as possible.

He urged every person near a computer to go on the internet to On that website, any visitor can email every member of the legislature simultaneously—asking their Representatives to vote for Broadway South.

Since its launch just a few weeks ago, the has had 38,000 hits. Additional links can be found at

Posted by ctidmore at June 6, 2007 5:12 PM

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