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"Only politicians could politicize the recovery from the greatest natural disaster in the history of the United States. Nothing is getting done because people are trying to either assess blame or find political gain."
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Christopher Tidmore, A Brief Biography . . .

Christopher Tidmore has built a better Louisiana both through his extensive service as an investigative journalist and a political activist. He has served as senior advisor to Republican Senatorial campaigns and hosted one of Louisiana's top political talkshows, political blogs and newspaper columns.

A native of Metairie, Christopher first developed his love for public policy as a student at St. Martin's High School, participating in Debate tournaments and Student Congresses--on a local and national level. In college, he interned at the Leadership Institute in Washington DC, the training ground for many young conservatives, and served as the last research assistant to the late historian Dr. Stephen Ambrose, University of New Orleans.

He jumped into politics at an early age, serving as a campaign aide to Republican Quentin Dastugue's bid for Governor in 1995 and Regional Campaign Coordinator for Woody Jenkins's 1996 run for U.S. Senate. "Walking across Louisiana" with Quentin and campaigning with Woody showed Christopher for the first time the tremendous potential that rested in the talents of the people of Louisiana - if only their entrepreneurial spirit could be unleashed from the bounds of corruption, regulation, taxation, and lack of quality public education.

While running his own marketing business and managing several others, Christopher continued to write columns for The Louisiana Weekly, and unearthed political deals that were holding back the state, especially within the New Orleans Levee Board. His frequent editorials explored reforms that could be enacted quickly.

In the late 1990's, Christopher launched his radio career on WTIX 690 AM with a successful political talkshow, with partner Jeff Crouere, called "Politically Speaking, Louisiana Style". Amongst its achievements were getting former KKK leader David Duke to admit that he had not paid income taxes on the voting list he sold to Mike Foster - leading to search warrants of his home and offices, and his eventual indictment. Jeff and Christopher hosted gavel to gavel national coverage of the opening of the D-Day Museum, and the first announcement of a presidential candidacy on their show.

On their TV program of the same name, they hosted Louisiana's only Presidential debate with representatives of all four campaigns, explored reforms in education, and the state of the local media.

By mid 2001, Christopher converted WBYU AM into a talk station and on his new radio show with partner Sidney Arroyo (and in his column in the Weekly), first revealed that the President of the Orleans Levee Board Jim Huey had used public money to hire private investigators to follow a member of the media and several dissenting employees of the Levee District.

This led to a statewide radio program with Louisiana Network on 14 stations across Louisiana and to several nationally syndicated newspaper columns covering war protests in Western Europe at the on-set of the Iraq War and to two series of articles about attitudes towards America in Egypt and in Russia. Also in late 2002, Christopher took a leave of absence from his reporting work to serve as Communications Director for Republican Suzie Terrell in her race for the US Senate.

Post-Katrina, Christopher formed the news department at 99.5 FM, the state's newest news/talk radio station with mission statement of holding our politicians to account. He also co-wrote, with his friend Roger Wilson, a proposal called Broadway South. It would extend the state tax credits that the film industry enjoys, to live legitimate performances: jazz, opera, ballet, cabaret, and theater.

It was in fighting for this proposal that Christopher finally grew tired of the Louisiana Legislature's self-interest in frittering away a historic budget surplus, rather than enacting fundamental reforms. He decided to take action. He realized even Katrina could not change our political class - and decided that the only way to make a difference was to run himself as a candidate for House District 82.

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