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"Only politicians could politicize the recovery from the greatest natural disaster in the history of the United States. Nothing is getting done because people are trying to either assess blame or find political gain."
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Campaign Overview

Today, New Orleans struggles on the precipice of a Disneyland existence. Instead of the artistic and cultural mind that has blessed the United States with vibrant literature, creativity, and history, blessed it with its own native culture, our beloved city threatens to become relegated to little more than an adult ghost town. An echo of a great culture, as dead as the streets of Babylon, Luxor, or Pompeii.

That is our destiny unless we remember our greatest truth that has guided this city through 300 years of fire, flood, disease, and disaster.

It may sound like a cliche', but we are a family. Regardless of our skin color, religion, or economic circumstances, the people of Greater New Orleans, whether in Jefferson, Orleans, or elsewhere, relate to one another with love of living and community few other Americans, in fact few other human beings, can ever know--or will ever experience. Dysfunctional at times, but special among the communities of our nation.

After Katrina, our region experienced the greatest outpouring of financial incentives this nation has ever offered to a community. In many areas, it was not enough, but our local political class bears too much blame for its incompetence. Not just for digging in its proverbial heels in distributing the money and wasting an unprecedented oppotunity to reform our state, but for robbing the survivors of the most important quality they need--hope.

How many young people, who had hung on, fought to stay in Louisiana, just gave up in the months after Katrina--when it seemed even a deluge would not bring political change?

With 60% of the House of Representatives term limited, a new Governor, and a more pro-business Senate, we have a chance to bring in a new generation who will demand change. I ask for your vote, to be part of that renewal of Louisiana.

We have a chance to bring back that hope, and with it our best and brightest, but only if we engage in a concentrated effort to reform the way the state does business.

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